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Time to drop the pretenses and cheer for the judges?

Dale Begg-Smith

Ex-Canadian competing for Australia should have won gold: official

An Australian sport official accused judges of awarding inflated scores to Canadian Alex Bilodeau Sunday, allowing him to edge out Dale Begg-Smith for gold in men’s moguls.


Coach Steve Desovich refused to criticize the judges, but said he thought Begg-Smith deserved gold.

This is the problem I have with “own the podium” rhetoric and, ultimately, with the way the Olympics is structured as a competition. At that level, there are *lots* of people who *deserve* gold. When the difference between two performances is an insignificant .17 points, they should be equally celebrated.

Otherwise, it’s not a matter of who performed better. It’s only a matter of who scored better. Sorry if this is cynical, but the Olympics are more about the scoring than the performances.


Lululemon openly mocking Olympic trade-mark restrictions

You know how the federal government passed a special law giving the Vancouver Olympics special trade-mark super-protection for basically any words associated with the Olympics (including “bronze”, “winter” and “Vancouver”)? I wrote an early analysis of the bill when it was still working its way through the House. Well, Lululemon, not an official sponsor so not licensed to use those words, is instead openly mocking the restrictions:

We’ve been covering how the Olympics has been able to get various governments around the world to grant it extra special intellectual property protection on certain words and phrases, with the upcoming Vancouver Olympics being no exception. In that case, you have to be careful of the use of “Vancouver,” “Olympics,” and even “2010.” So, clothing maker Lululemon decided to come up with a line that mocks these restrictions, with a brand new line of clothing called:

“Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 and 2011 Edition.”

Read more from Techdirt.

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