Small print

Unless otherwise noted, photographs, videos and audio files on this website are copyright 2000-2017 in Canada by Andy Kaplan-Myrth. All other content on this website, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence that allows you to use, reuse and modify this content as long as you give me credit and put your own new work under the same Creative Commons licence.

I’m being told by a more cross-the-I’s-and-dot-the-T’s (#wtf?) sort of lawyer than myself that I need to point out to my readers (yeah, both of you) just a few more things. First, this is a personal blog with my own personal views and opinions, not the views of my employer or anybody else (except by coincidence, which is obviously possible).

Second, I write this blog for informational purposes only, (although I hope it’s also entertaining) — I think I’m supposed to say that to make it clear that you should never take what I say here as legal advice. Because it is Not. Legal Advice. Got it?

And finally, you should obviously not rely on what I say here in any way beyond conversationally, or telling other people about it in some other fairly casual or academic way, since I won’t guarantee what I’m saying or warranty it or pay your court-ordered damages if you tried to tell a court that @kaplanmyrth said something on his blog but you didn’t bother to get your own lawyer to give you actual legal advice, so you lost your case. That just would not be smart of you, and I want no part in that.

In other words, #imaybeAlawyerbutiamnotYOURlawyerandthisisnotlegaladvice.

One last thing, direct from an actual, free range, grain-fed lawyer: “Oh, and BTW, I’m not responsible for anything you post on my website. Anything you do post you do so at you’re own peril. That said, I expect that you won’t post anything that would be misleading, false, inappropriate, harassing, infringing of someone else’s intellectual property or otherwise get one into deep do do.”

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