CASL reduced spam and marketing emails in Canada, according to Cloudmark

Cloudmark’s 2015 Q1 Global Threat report states:

Last year Canada implemented one of the strongest anti-spam laws in the world, CASL. We took a close look at the impact, and the results surprised us. We saw a 37% reduction in spam originating from Canada, but it wasn’t just spam that went down. Over all, Canadians received 29% less email after CASL was implemented. We believe this is because there was a lot of marketing email which was not technically spam but did not meet the string requirements for affirmative consent required by CASL. The Canadian law is proving effective in reducing inbox clutter and could act as a model for stronger anti-spam laws in the US, UK and other countries.

via Cloudmark’s 2015 Q1 Global Threat Report | Cloudmark Security Blog.

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