Monthly Archives: January 2012

Consultations Shmonsultations

I just turned down an invitation from CBC's Spark to comment on??a Japanese initiative to basically do public consultations about, well, anything, using social media. I turned it down because??I feel too cynical about the topic. I think it's basically stupid and misguided, but my reasons would all be equally critical of the public consultations we do here — digital economy strategy? Copyright? Yeah, whatever.

Before I turned it down, I went back to Cass Sunstein's book??Infotopia??which is pretty negative about a lot of the crowdsourcing ideas people think are so sexy. Sometimes crowdsourcing or collective decision-making is great, but only in very narrow circumstances. Otherwise, it doesn't have any advantage.

I had to get that rant off my chest and didn't know where else to go with it. Thanks for listening.
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