Ottawa-Carleton District School Board school year calendar for 2011-2012

First Day: calendarIt’s a new school year in Ottawa, and yet another year when the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has not produced an online calendar for students and parents. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy for the community to share calendars and, as in the past four years, I’m sharing my calendar of the OCDSB school year dates. I figure as long as I’m putting them in my calendar, I might as well make it easy for other people to add them to their own calendar with just a few clicks. I personally use Google Calendar, but they use standard file formats for importing and exporting calendars, so you can use this with almost any calendar program you already use.
There are a few different ways to access the calendar, each with its own address:
  • If you want to import it into your own calendar, whether you’re using Google Calendar or not), you probably want to use the iCal format: 
  • If you just want to browse to the calendar and see it as a web page, you can use the HTML link: 
  • You probably don’t want the XML link, but Google provides it so I figured I’d make it easy to find here: 
If you use Google Calendar, I encourage you to copy the URL and subscribe to the iCal version instead of downloading it and importing the file to your own calendar. The benefit of subscribing is that you’ll automatically get any updates and changes I make to the calendar, including automatically getting dates in subsequent years. I’ve maintained this calendar since the 2008-2009 school year, and each year I just add the new school year dates to the same calendar, so those who subscribe get the new dates automatically added (albeit a couple of weeks late this year…)

Enjoy the calendar and, more importantly, have a great school year!
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