Performers at Blue Skies 2011 – video collection

Just like every year, this year’s Blue Skies music festival was fantastic. A great mix of musical styles on an intimate stage with an energetic audience in a beautiful Ontario setting. There’s no official web presence for the festival, and no video of the performances, but there are lots of youtube videos of the performers doing the same music, either at other festivals or in official music videos.

Here are some of the performers who were the highlights of the festival for me:
Danny Michel – Tennessee Tobacco

Danny Michel – Feathers Fur and Fin (official, migraine-inducing video)

Mike Stevens and Matt Anderson

Mike Stevens and Matt Anderson – Livin’ in Sarnia (Listen closelyMike is speaking through his harmonica, repeating “born in Sarnia and I’m Livin’ there still; if the air don’t get ya then the french fries will”)

Matt Anderson – Ain’t No Sunshine

H’Sao – Baby Jolie

H’Sao – Baba

David Ross Macdonald – Gibson Blues & Easier Said

David Ross Macdonald – Waltzing Matilda

Leela Gilday – One Drum

Kim Churchill – Smile As He Goes Home

Kim Churchill – The Early

Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything – The Rabid Rabbi

Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything – Hunter S. Thompson’s Polka

I could go on…
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