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Malware are little bugs that crawl through the air

In the House of Commons second reading debate on FISA, Canada's anti-spam bill, Scott Simms (Liberal MP from Newfoundland) said,

That brings me to Bill C-28. When it comes to prohibiting the sending of spam without the prior consent of recipients, that is the key. There is an element of consent with this and that way the element of criminality gets taken out of it because people will not be able to do it, but then we get into the issue of enforcement, which I will get to later.

Bill C-28 introduces legislation to enact all recommendations, and the recommendations prohibit the sending of spam without the prior consent of recipients, the use of false or misleading statements that disguise the origins or true intent of the email, which is very true as I mentioned earlier, and the installation of unauthorized programs, which I will talk about. That is the concept of spyware or malware that was talked about, these sorts of things. They are like little bugs that crawl through either the air or wire, gain access and do funny things to computers while people sleep or are doing something else.


If ParlVU provided decent clips of video from House debates, I'd provide a link to the video too… And then if Canada had decent parody/satire laws in place, somebody could make the-internet-is-a-series-of-tubes type mashups… Ah, if only…

SC law firm tries to manage client expectations

We do not work on the weekends and do not provide emergency numbers for the weekends. There are times we may look at and answer your email over the weekend, but this is generally the exception and not to be relied upon by you that we are accessible on weekends.

Do not think we are perfect.  We make mistakes.  We are competent attorneys and paralegals, but we make mistakes.  We will correct a mistake if we find it or if you point it out. Please do not yell at us, accuse us of not doing our job, or insult us over a mistake.

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