A message to aggressive real estate agents

Hi Aggressive Real Estate Agent Aggressively To Try to Get Me To Hire You Instead of Selling My House Privately,


May I give you some insight into the market you are targeting when you send emails to people listing their houses for private sale? For what it’s worth, I personally find your marketing overly aggressive and, frankly, a turn-off. But I suspect I’m not alone in that.

It doesn’t look to me like you’ve thought this through and tried to understand this target market of potential clients. People who have made a deliberate choice to list their homes for private sale (incl through services like Grapevine) are more likely than other sellers to already be uncomfortable with agents, and have a different view of marketing real estate and, by extension, real estate agents. You may have a style that gets you customers from the general population , but the fact that a person has chosen to list on Grapevine tells you something about them — for one thing, they almost certainly don’t like traditional agent methods, including aggressive marketing.

Just a thought — I don’t know how successful this sort of email is for you in converting private sale prospects into clients. But I suspect you’d have better luck if you geared your message to be more friendly and less aggressive.

Finally, please take my email off your list. It would be nice if you offered a way to opt-out of your mailings. But let me remind you that the Canadian Marketing Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice says you must comply with a consumer’s wishes to not receive further marketing.

Best wishes,

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