Industry Minister expands on tech agenda

This interview of Industry Minister Tony Clement followed the speech from the throne and goes into more detail about the technology aspects of the speech, including a digital economy strategy, anti-spam legislation and copyright legislation.

But what makes it a must see video two time over is how bad Google’s automatic speech recognition is, evidenced by how bad the resulting automated captions are.

Late in the first minute, as Clement says “Well, the digital economy strategy, Tom, is an effort, sort of a whole of government effort…”, which is trascribed as “well he did you work on this issue homicide is in Africa possible for governor…” That’s not just bad — it’s ridiculous!

When the interviewer says “We wanted to get rid of the Buy American provisions”, it’s hilariously transcribed as “We wanted to get rid of white Americans.”

Around the 3 minute mark, Clement says, “The key is from the American perspective, they want us to be part of something called WIPO…”, which is transcribed as, “I think he is suffering the American perspective they don’t want us to be part of something the white vote.”

Speech recognition is a difficult task to automate. Yes, some of the interview is pretty well transcribed for a completely automated process. But not much of it, and the parts that are bad are very, very bad. Pretty disappointing, actually, given that this interview has just two people with good sound quality.

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