Our new temporary pet(s)

Art brought a leopard frog back from his friend’s cottage on the weekend. They found it in the basement there and couldn’t put it out in the cold, and I think Art figured we could add it to our fish tank. Well that wasn’t going to work, so I brought it to the pet store, hoping they would take it off my hands. They wouldn’t — it’s apparently illegal to capture wildlife (who knew?)!

But the woman at the aquarium store agreed that if I bring it back to the cottage, unless we put it in the basement again, then it’ll certainly die in the Winter, so at this point we should keep it until the Spring and then let it go.

There weren’t many options left, and Art did want to keep it, after all, so I sprung for a terrarium for the frog and a cage for crickets. We’ll have to buy new crickets every couple of weeks, and Art will just have to feed it to keep it alive until the Spring when we can let it go! So as of yesterday evening, we had 21 new pets: 1 frog and 20 crickets (although after feeding the frog, we only have 18 new pets now šŸ™‚

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