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Handmade stationery made from vintage 1961 science books

I love these stationary sets made by San Diego enveloper and anagramphile??adnagam on $10 USD for 10 envelopes and blank cards.

Handmade Stationery Set- Vintage 1961 The How and Why Wonder of the Microscope 4bar Stationery Set- Envelopes and Cards

Handmade Stationery Set- Vintage 1961 The How and Why Wonder of the Microscope 4bar Stationery Set- Envelopes and Cards


This is a fantastically reminiscent stationery set handcrafted from the pages of a vintage 1961 children's book titled, "The How and Why Wonders of the Microscope."??

It playfully depicts… the wonders of the microscope in marvelous bold vintagey colors.??

I even read in the book about how to draw your own blood to examine under the 'scope… that's probably not allowed in elementary schools these days=)

Anyhow, this set of ten envelopes will come with flat white cards.??

Each envelope measures 3 5/8" x 5 1/8"
Each card measures 3 1/2" x 5"

The envelopes will come with adhesive on the flap so that you can seal them!—

Each one of these handmade envelope liners is individually cut from reclaimed books and is one of a kind… you will never get the same pattern twice!

For more on these and other envelope sets by adnagam, visit Etsy.

Can video game violence amount to war crimes?

Or, to put it another way, do virtual characters have human rights?

A study from two Swiss human rights organizations, Trial and Pro Juventute, has found that some video games depict war and battle actions that in real life would violate international human rights laws.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had one of the more lengthy violation sections. According to the group, the game violates several human-rights laws by allowing games to "attack civilian buildings with no limits in order to get rid of all the enemies present in the town who are on roof tops, open areas of the town, squares featuring statues, etc. Under IHL, the fact that combatants/fighters are present in a town does not make the entire town a military objective."

The group also disliked the beating of the game's villain, Al-Asad. It asserted that the "beating of Al-Asad amounts to torture or at least inhuman treatment, which are prohibited in any context, under any circumstances, whether in peace time or during armed conflict situations. Killing him amounts to an extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary execution as it falls outside the context of any legal framework."

The groups says it wants developers to make it clear to gamers that in any circumstance, human-rights violations cannot be allowed, even in a game setting. It also requested that, going forward, developers adhere to international human rights laws when they depict war or battle in a game.

Read more at??cnet news

Beautiful and brilliant corner storage system design

Beautiful and brilliant design for storing stuff in the corners, by designer Cristina Toledo.

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