I found Dilmah tea in Ottawa!

When I lived in Australia for a year about 8 years ago, I drank??Dilmah tea??all the time,??and I have been hoping to find it in Canada ever since. Dilmah is a family owned company in Sri Lanka (twitter) that grows and packages their own, traditional, single-origin tea. I enjoy tea but I'm no??connoisseur. Still, this tea is so much better than most tea I've had that I believe every word they say in the brochure in each package about traditional tea growing and picking.


They explain that other packaged tea companies buy leaves in bulk from many regions around the world and mix them when they package them in Western countries. In contrast, Dilmah picks the tea locally, packages it where it is picked, and ships the packaged teas. They pay their workers ethical wages and use sustainable growing practices. From what I can tell they do no advertising but must have huge revenues to sustain their international business.

I remember I liked their Darjeeling best in Melbourne, but Hartman's on Bank Street in Ottawa only had Earl Grey and Green Tea when I found it, so Earl Grey it is!

4 thoughts on “I found Dilmah tea in Ottawa!

  1. naij says:

    are u a paid agent fr dilmah…

  2. Anonymous says:

    No! Can’t a guy just like their tea?

  3. Geoff Taylor says:

    Watch this space, we will be offering all Dilmah teas available in Canada as soon as the images arrive from Sri Lanka. In reponse to the cynical naij above, yes we are:)

  4. Ben says:

    Thanks for the info, I just got introduced to Dilmah tea by a friend who came back from Sri Lanka and fell in love. I will defo look it up.

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