The Canadian Privacy Commission’s Twitter experiment

The Office of the PrivacyCommission of Canada has been on Twitter since April, but today announcesa more deliberate approach to their use of the service. Citing thepopularity of hashtags that indicate Twitter users have similarconcerns to the Commission, like #privacy, #dpi, #dhsprivacy, and#crtc, they are turning to their own Twitter identity, @PrivacyPrivee, to engagethis community:


But how does an Office like ours represent itselfwell in such a fast moving medium? We’re advocates, but we also havelegislated responsibilities. We are interested in a wide range ofissues and policies, but recognize that there may be more authoritativevoices than ours.

This brings us back to @privacyprivee. We’re still learning how to useTwitter. We’re trying to find a voice for the Office on Twitter that isreliable, authoritative AND respects government policies. We recognizethat the tool is extremely useful, and that we should be using it moreeffectively. This will take some time. I thank you for your patience aswe find this voice.

Read more on the OPC’sblog.

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