Michael Geist calls for a digital action strategy for Canada

Michael Geist is calling for a digital action strategy for Canada:

In recent months, there has been growing support for a national digital strategy. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission explicitly identified the need for a strategy in its “new media” decision as have leaders in the technology, telecommunications, broadcast, and education communities.

The issue now appears to be resonating within government. Industry Minister Tony Clement has convened a digital strategy summit later this month, Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has emphasized the importance of online platforms, and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has pledged to support a national strategy.

Canada sadly has among the worst internet and telecom speed and pricing in the world, and second or third stage introduction of new technologies which are often rolled out in here last in the developed world. I agree with Geist’s conclusion that “Canada has fallen behind the curve”. We need to get in front of the next wave of the digital revolution, and doing that requires that we examine not only what the technologies, industries and users demand today, but where their trajectories are heading.

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