Digital Britain action plan

Following up on yesterday’s post on the need for a digital strategy in Canada, the UK Department for Culture Media and Sport (roughly analogous to Canada’s Ministry of Heritage, which interestingly does also cover sport) released the UK’s digital action plan:

The report contains actions and recommendations to ensure first rate digital and communications infrastructure to promote and protect talent and innovation in our creative industries, to modernize TV and radio frameworks, and support local news, and it introduces policies to maximize the social and economic benefits from digital technologies.

The Associated Press reports on PM Gordon Brown’s statement about the Digital Britain report:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today that high-speed Internet access has become as “indispensable as electricity, gas and water” for most of the public.

“Just as the bridges, roads and railways built in the 19th century were the foundations of an Industrial Revolution that helped Britain to become the workshop of the world, so investment now in the information and communications industries can underpin our emergence from recession,” he wrote in an op-ed piece for the Times of London.

Brown’s comments came ahead of the release of the government’s “Digital Britain” report, which was expected to propose major investments aimed at giving every home broadband access and suggest policies aimed at developing new jobs in the information and communications industries.

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