RSS isn’t just for news anymore

  1. Track Packages. Nobody enjoys visiting a site and punching in a tracking number just to get shipment status on a package. allows you to create a custom feed that gets updated as your package moves along its route. UPS, Fedex, USPS & DHL are supported.
  2. Create a Calendar Feed. This is a cool way to share events with others. allows you to create an account, add events and meetngs, and then share a feed for others to consume. They can use a standard feed reader or the site to keep track.
  3. TV Listings Via RSS. Track programming on your favorite TV channels via Bootleg RSS.
  4. Keep Up With Specific Emails Via RSS. Mailbucket will pump any emails into a feed that you forward to Just create an Outlook rule against whatever (e.g. emails from particular senders) and get the sent out to a feed once they come in. Just keep in mind that such feeds are unencrypted and can be consumed by others.
  5. Deliver Your Contacts Via RSS. If you need to keep track of your contacts on different machines or want to share your  contacts with friends, allows you to create a feed and upload your contact information to do just that.

Many people think of RSS as a way of feeding blog content or headlines from news sites to RSS readers. Yes, it’s good for that, but it’s much, much more than that too. This site lists some of the more creative ways RSS can be used to deliver content that you might not have thought of.

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