Is swine flu in your neighbourhood?


All this talk aboutswine flu made me think of,a wiki for reporting and geolocating symptoms. Withenough uptake, it might help monitor the progress of the flu.

The genesis of the ideafor Who Is Sick was actually from an acute need that our founder hadwhen his wife started experiencing severe stomach pain while they wereon vacation. With no way of knowing whether the pain was fromappendicitis, food poisoning, or some other stomach illness, ourvacationing couple went to the emergency room and waited for 4 hours(BTW – this was from 11pm until 3am) to be seen by a doctor…only to betold that there was a stomach flu going around and that if the paindidn’t go away in 24 hours, to come back. Wow. 4 hours wait for that…inthe middle of the night… (of course the doctor did check to see if itwas appendicitis so they weren’t all bad…).

Ourfounder thought, “if only there were a website that had current ANDlocal sickness information, maybe we could have avoided the long wait.”Needless to say, this started the wheels spinning and a couple ofmonths later, Who Is Sick was born.

Thesite mashes up GoogleMaps with an interfacethat lets you add your own symptoms (anonymously), or search forillnesses or locations. It also analyzes the symptoms showing up in themap at that moment and can filter by age, sex, symptoms, and onset ofsymptoms.

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