Lessons from the Identity Trail: a new book on privacy, identity and anonymity


Friend and colleagueIan Kerr has a book launching tomorrow that is nothing less than the mostthorough study of online identity ever. Ian writes that the book isa new international collaboration from his research group and a numberof other top notch privacy scholars from around the world. Launching onWednesday, April 8, the book is titled, “lessons from the identitytrail: anonymity, privacy and identity in a networked society”.

In addition to its cutting edge interdisciplinary studies of anonymity,privacy and identity in the face of emerging technologies, one of thethings Ian is most proud of is that this is the first everOxford University Press (Law Division) book to be released under aCreative Commons licence!

You can find the online version as it isreleased in three stages on April 8, April 22 and May 6, and you canget 20% off the printedition if you order it from OUP.

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