Canadian political parties ask for too much


I just got an email from the NDPasking for support before Tuesday’s first quarter fundraising deadline.Here’s an excerpt:

The New Democrats aren’t funded by corporateexecutives. We rely on many smaller donations from everyday Canadians -many of whom have been hit hard by the downturn.

That’swhy I’m asking you to do more now if you can. An immediate donation of$120 or $240 or whatever you can afford will help us take on StephenHarper and give a voice to the working families feeling the squeeze.

Now, during the US election, I got Barack Obama’s mailings. He askedfor $5 donations. When he asked for a larger amount, it was $30 (inreturn for which you would get a t-shirt).

Obama just showed us how to raise money and build a devoted, activefollowing. How can the NDP ask for a $120 donation, in the samesentence claiming to give a voice to families feeling the squeeze?

To their credit, the Liberal party’s latest email asked for a smallerdonation:

Now is the time. This deadline is critical. Pleasemake a donation right now of $100, $50 – even $10 – whatever amount youcan afford. Every donation helps make a difference.

[photo “Canadianmoney is pretty!” by rickunder a CreativeCommons Attribution licence]

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