Ontario has a new apology law

Under the new rules, apologies can’t be used as an admission of fault or liability and won’t affect someone’s insurance coverage – a move critics warn may do victims more harm than good.

Fewer people apologize because they’re afraid it could come back to haunt them if they are sued, Attorney General Chris Bentley said after the bill passed third and final reading in the legislature.

“This removes a legislative barrier to do what we all think is the right thing to do,” he said.

“If you do harm, your natural instinct is to say, ‘I’m sorry.”‘


I was supportive of “apology laws” when they were passed in BC and Alberta, and I am very happy to learn that Ontario has passed an apology law as well. Where there is harm, legal consequences can follow without reliance on an apology as an admission of wrongdoing. And so often, all people want is to be treated with respect — an apology goes a long way.

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