Wal-Mart to enter electronic medical records arena

A Wal-Mart spokesperson says the company is partnering with computer giant Dell and others to launch an electronic health records package for doctors.

With the government investing $17 billion of stimulus funding in the technology, the company says it can serve as a low-cost, one-stop option for single doctors and small practices.


It makes perfect sense for Google to offer an electronic medical record product: Information and data management is their bread and butter. I can even understand Microsoft moving into the EMR space, given their obsession with following Google and their, um, trustworthiness? Well, maybe not, but it’s not such a leap. But Wal-Mart? Offering one-stop electronic medical record services? Where are the synergies with their fundamental big box business model?

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2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart to enter electronic medical records arena

  1. Aaron says:

    Their success in retail is partly due to their relentless automation of all their processes. If you imagine how their data systems work, they’re probably more qualified than most to enter this field.

  2. MedBillTalk says:

    I buy my toilet paper and deodorant at Wal-Mart. Certainly a compelling argument. Why go to someone say like IBM, known for specializing in enterprise system applications, when you could just go over to Wal-Mart, pick out a $30,000 office system (responsible for running your entire practice) and while there grab some ketchup and paper towels.

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