PVR and iPod use by Minister of Heritage demonstrates need for copyright change

???New media isn???t frankly new media anymore. I watch more television on my iPod than I do on an actual conventional television set or through my PVR. I think if you ask the average Canadian under the age of 20 how do they consume their media, you???ll hear a very different story than you???ll hear from Canadians over the age of 40,??? Moore, 32, told reporters in Toronto.

???Strictly speaking, almost anything he???d be using PVR for would be illegal,??? says University of Ottawa???s copyright expert Michael Geist. ???Any person who has been actively using a PVR for years, there???s no doubt about it, they???re using it in such a way that the law doesn???t permit.???

Heritage Minister James Moore shares control of the copyright file with Industry Canada. He spoke this week to reporters about his consumption of television content in unconventional ways. From what he says here, it looks like he recognizes the generational shift that has already occurred. I hope he moves this helps move the Heritage approach to copyright into the 21st Century.

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