Idea for killer feature

I’ve been a user of Diigo since itslaunch, and I use itall the time as my regular social bookmarking tool. It has embracedsome social media features, but it has one major limitation that Ithink could be fixed now: annotations on pages are generally onlyvisible to other Diigo users. Now, I know I can go into my Diigo account andfind a special url for any of my links that includes the javascript toshow my annotations to any user. But wouldn’t it be fantastic to makeannotations and know that others users would just see them?

So here’s my idea: Diigo should provide either a bookmarklet or abutton on their toolbar or Diigolet bar that will send not the link tothe original page, but the link to the special Diigo annotated urlto Twitter. “Tweet Annotated Page”. Or, better yet, to (or, even better — the choice).With a tool like this, users could annotate a page when the inspirationstrikes and immediately distribute those annotations to their entiresocial network.

Diigo is already a fantastic tool for social bookmarking, but itsstandout feature is web annotation. This would make that key feature somuch more useful and accessible to existing users and would exposethose who are not regular Diigo users to the possibilities. And I don’tthink there are many in the social media multiverse who can resist thesiren song of web page annotation.

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