Fake New York Times Distributed

I love this story of a massive hoax, in which a million copiesof a fake version of the New York Times from the future (July 4, 2009)are distributed for free on the streets of New York. The fake paper,available online here and inpdf form here,comes complete with lead story IraqWar Ends, editorials,lettersto the editor, advertising, moreadvertising, and corrections.It presents a progressive, leftist fantasy of the world.

It even has an article ostensibly by Thomas Friedman titled TheEnd of the Experts, which begins,

Thesudden outbreak of peace in Iraq has made me realize, among otherthings, one incontestable fact: I have no business holding a pen, atleast with intent to write.

Awesomely, the website has real, working comment sections below thearticles, sure to attract trolls from across the intertubes. The paperwas created by a group called the YesMen. It will go down in history as one of the greatpranks of all time.

It’s interesting to think of the timing of it, coming out right afterObama’s election and liberal gains across the country. The paper hasbeen a year in the making. On the heels of Obama’s victory, it carriesa message of hope. If John McCain had won the election, it wouldinstead have been bitter satire.

Now, let the lawsuits begin! I see claims for trade-mark and copyrightinfringement, a publicity/privacy/personality action for the ThomasFriedman thing (and probably others)… And note that it’s not just upto the real NYTimes to have a senseof humour about this and refrain from suing the Yes Men: each of thecompanies with fake ads in the fake paper could also sue them.

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    Brilliant! I want a copy!

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